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The Difference Between French Doors And Patio Doors—Which Should You Choose?

The Difference Between French Doors And Patio Doors—Which Should You Choose?

Whether you’re all about the French doors or think that sliding patio doors add an unparalleled aesthetic appeal to your home, you have to admit that both are incredibly stunning entry door options.

The main difference between the two is that French doors are fundamentally double entry doors that swing on hinges, whereas sliding patio doors typically slide along the wall on a fixed track.

Sounds like a fairly superficial difference, doesn’t it? The truth is, these very differences give the stunning entry doors their own exclusive set of pros and cons. Keep reading to find out how to answer the ultimate question: which entry door might fit more with your elegant style.

Patio Doors Or French Doors: Factors That Determine Which Is Better

#1 How Do You Want This Entry Door To Open?

Patio doors generally slide open on horizontal tracks. On the other hand, French doors open outwards, similarly to standard entry doors, but contemporary French doors have the option of opting whether you want them to open inwards or outwards.

What’s common between both the entry doors is the fact that both of them are relatively large. This means it all boils down to one thing: the amount of space available. If a homeowner has ample space for a large swinging arc, French doors will enhance your dream home to make it closer to a gorgeous European style.

But if you’re short on space, consider opting for sliding steel patio doors instead. The patio doors offer a similar wide opening with plenty of ventilation and natural light but without you having to worry about cluttered space when the patio door is opened.

#2 How Windy Does It Get?

Swinging entry doors in places where it’s super windy might lead to patio doors slam shutting each time it gets a little breezy. If you’ve got pets or toddlers around, be wary of the fact that strong gusts of wind can sometimes lead to injuries. Patio doors, on the other hand, are not affected by the windy climate at all.

Simply put, if you want to get the stylish and chic look that French doors exude, or you just really like swinging entry doors, you can still go with French doors but with cautions such as safety restrictors or door stops. But if the area you live in is prone to harsh winds, sliding patio doors might be a more suitable choice.

#3 How Big Of An Entry Door Do You Want?

Homeowners can enjoy plenty of sunlight and a gorgeous view of the world outside by replacing a wall with an enormous glass entry door. Being brightly lit also makes the room seem more welcoming and spacious while enhancing your family’s comfort.

If you’re choosing to go with enormous French doors, remember that you’ll need an overly wide entrance along with a tremendous amount of space to open these entry doors. While French doors may be more suitable for smaller openings, iron or steel patio doors are typically much more feasible for larger than stand-sized apertures. Regardless of the dimension you want, a sliding patio door will simply glide on its track without the need for extra space around them.

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