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A woman wears a small, sexy crop top with high-rise jeans as part of a summer look.

4 Ways to Style High-Rise Jeans for Sexy Summer Looks

If there’s anything that’s a staple and incredibly versatile in your daily wardrobe, it’s jeans. You can dress jeans up, or dress them down, wear them for running errands and to a dinner date—the options are endless. This is also why you’re going to love the way jeans look, especially the always flattering, always sexy high-rise jeans!


Here are some ways to style your favorite pair of Judy Blue and KanCan high rise jeans for the hottest summer looks:

1.     Pair them with a crop top

Crop tops are made for high-rise jeans. You don’t have to bare your midriff if you’re not comfortable, which is where these flattering, figure-hugging clothing items come into play. You still get to show off as much skin as you like, flaunt that waist, and feel like a bombshell with jeans that give you shape and dimension.


2.     Wear a casual t-shirt or flowy top

For a more laid-back look, you can always wear your favorite t-shirt on top or pair them with a flowy top that helps balance out proportions. High-rise jeans tend to be more snug-fitting around the waist and have a looser, flowier top that can help you navigate around different styles.

A woman wearing high-rise ripped jeans with a t-shirt for a casual but stylish look.


3.     Tuck in your usual shirt for a dressier look

When you’re wearing jeans to work, meetings, or for dates and special occasions, it helps to tuck your shirt in. this instantly gives you a dressier feel and makes you look fancier and put together. You can try different styles too, such as Tan France’s favorite, the French tuck, for a more sophisticated look.


4.     Wear your favorite accessories

You can also layer on your favorite accessories, including shoes, bags, and other layers such as kimonos and scarves, to make the jeans look dressier. The possibilities of what to do with high-waisted jeans run high!


The right pair of jeans is the secret to feeling confident and sexy. You’ll want to invest in a pair that flatters you, fits you perfectly and feels comfortable to wear. You can shop for all these items and more on Gypsy Soul Boutique, the best website to buy trendy clothes from!

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