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The Best Pet Tech for Dogs in 2021

The Best Pet Tech for Dogs in 2021

A Golden Retriever Balancing a Treat Between Its Eyes

Automatic pet feeders have been dispensing some indispensable services for a while now. Pet tech like this comes out all the time, but sorting out the good from the not-so-good is another thing entirely.

Here’s what will keep your doggos and their swishy badonka-donks around for a long time.

Dash Treat Maker

Dogs are way more sensitive to processed foods than humans. As a self-proclaimed dog lover and hooman to a set of loyal paws, it’s your duty to make sure they aren’t eating anything harmful.

The Dash Treat Maker quite literally makes it possible for pawrents to make healthier treats. A canine equivalent of the waffle-maker, it bakes a maximum of eight dog treats at a time.

Whistle 3

The Whistle 3 is a GPS pet tracker that keeps you in the loop about your dog’s current location. Not only does it alert you if your restless furball’s done a runner, but it also helps you navigate an unfamiliar neighborhood through mutually interactive maps.

All you have to do is put the tracker on their collar and forget about it for a week because that’s how long the battery lasts.

A Black and Tan Dachshund on its Paws with One Ear Standing Up

Furbo Dog Camera

How will you know, “Who’s a good dog!” if you aren’t there to see them. Easy—get the Furbo Dog Camera, which lets you keep an eye on your naughty companion while you’re out.

Not only that, the Wi-Fi camera comes with a treat dispenser that you can access remotely to feed them if they get snacky. It also alerts you about any unusual dog behavior like the odd growl or bark.

Dog Treat Training Pouch

For seamless puppy socialization, get the Dog Treat Training Pouch, which can be worn around the waist or shoulders, and carry your pooch’s favorite treats, toys, and all the biodegradable poop bags they could possibly need.

The bag also has a bright inner lining, which is in sharp contrast to the treats, making them easier to locate. It also has more than enough space for your essentials, so you don’t have to carry a second bag.

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