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How to Approach NCLEX® Questions

Stressed studentThe NCLEX exam is an examination administered by the Nation Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) and is conducted by Pearson VUE. The main objective of the exam is to test nurses who are starting out in their professional careers on their ability to think critically on the job.

The examination tests multiple aspects of critical thinking, including observation, decision making, applying knowledge learnt, evaluating different criteria and scenarios, and identifying the problem at hand. For many new nurses, the NCLEX is an incredibly important exam.

To help ease the process of test-taking, here are some tips you can apply while attempting the exam.

Identify Keywords

Since the test is multiple-choice questions, you’re going to be given distracters disguised as answers. The aim is to identify the correct answer. The best way to do so is by identifying keywords. If the question calls for an intervention, try to look for a similar keyword within the answers. This helps narrow down your options and leaves you less overwhelmed.

Similarly, repeated words can also be a dead giveaway. If you find a pattern repeated in the question and answer as well, then they might have a close link that you can assess.

Do Not Second Guess

The best test taker is a confident one. It’s easy to fall prey to alternative answers while giving an examination. However, the first choice is often the right one. Go with your instinct at times since the longer you dwell on a question, the more inclined you are to change your reasoning as well as your answer.

Exhibit Prioritization Techniques

If you come across questions that use words such as initial, best, or first, they’re most likely going to evaluate your prioritization skills. In such questions, all the given answers are correct, but the score depends on which action you would give importance to first. Here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Keep Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in mind. When handling a patient, their physiologic needs—food, pain, and sleep—comes first as opposed to any of their psychological problems, including their safety and security. Additionally, remember your nursing process and evaluate whether you may need further information on the patient before choosing any kind of intervention. All these things get evaluated!

Prep Beforehand

Woman happily studying.Your confidence in your preparation can help you feel more prepared to tackle questions on your examination day. The extra help you opt for can be what helps you go from scoring an average grade to getting an incredible grade.

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