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Career Options for LPNs After Graduation

Brightly coloured stethoscopeEvery graduate thinks about their trajectory once they graduate. For practical nursing students, it’s an especially tough decision to make, especially in the midst of a pandemic. However, understanding your options is the best way to make an informed decision.

There are various career options open for licensed practical nurses, depending on their skill level, dedication, and personal preferences. Here are a few that fare well in the healthcare industry.

Nursing Aide

A nurse aide or health care assistant is in charge of patient care, namely the elderly. They are in charge of their clients’ mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and mostly work within a public or private old-age home or in assisted living facilities.

 The roles and duties expected of nurse aides include:

  • Assist the elderly patients with day-to-day tasks.
  • Toileting assistance, including catheter care.
  • Help conduct rehabilitation programs for patients with disabilities.
  • Manage and assist with recreational activities.
  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of old-age residents.

In order to deal directly with elderly patients, it’s imperative to have no prior criminal record and possess the necessary skills to demonstrate sensitivity, patience, and excellent communication skills. Physical labour may also be required while carrying out duties for the elderly. Additionally, since the nurse aide will be working on day-to-day tasks, time management and punctuality is also highly essential.

Home Support Worker

Nurse taking care of a child.A home support worker’s job description fits many other titles, including family caregiver, personal care attendant, or live-in caregiver. This role differs from that of a nursing aide due to the patients under a home support worker’s care are often looked after in their own home.

Due to personal preference or ineligibility to be placed in an assisted living facility, a home support worker’s patients are given treatment from their homes. This could lead to daily visits or a live-in situation, depending on the severity of assistance and preference of the patient.

Much like a nurse aide, the roles and responsibilities of a home support worker are:

  • Help patients with day-to-day activities.
  • Keep track of medications and basic measurements of health, including temperature and pulse.
  • Assist with routine household chores that can’t be performed by the patient.
  • Provide companionship to the patient.

With a home-bound patient, companionship and patience are the top qualities that need to be present in a home support worker. They need to have strong interpersonal skills and easily adapt to a change in their environments. In addition to a likeable personality trait, they also need to be well versed in emergency care such as first aid and CPR.

Psychiatric Aide

A psychiatric aide shares the same job description as other job titles, including mental health aide and mental health support worker. The psychiatric aide is tasked with taking care of and supporting individuals with emotional or mental difficulties.

The job can take place in an outpatient clinic or hospital environment and will require the psychiatric aide to regularly socialize with patients and take care of their mental and physical wellbeing.

The roles and responsibilities consist of:

  • Planning and supervising recreational activities.
  • Keep track of and report any fluctuation in mental or behavioural changes.
  • Daily socialization.

As expected, psychiatric aides are expected to be calm and collected individuals who have strong interpersonal skills and a high level of sensitivity. They need to be observant to ensure they keep track of any behavioural changes and should enjoy helping others to avoid any stress or dislike overtaking their cognitive skills.

Hospital Service Worker

Nurse caring for a patient.A hospital service worker helps keep hospitals running smoothly by providing hands-on care to patients. The job description has multiple titles, including dietary aide, porter, or lab aide.

Hospital service workers help move patients around the hospital and cater to their needs to ensure they receive the best possible care while in the healthcare facility.

The roles and responsibilities include:

  • Transporting patients to their designated wards.
  • Helping move disabled patients in and out of wheelchairs.
  • Serving meals on time based on specific dietary restrictions.
  • Wash and iron hospital bed sheets and clothing.
  • Keep track of supplies and order more if needed.

In order to excel at the job, the hospital service worker needs to have an upbeat personality and be extremely attentive. They also need to be able to easily follow instructions and be in good physical condition to help patients.

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