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How Fashion Continues To Rule The World

In 2017, the global fashion industry was worth $2.5 trillion with little to no fluctuations. There’s a forecast for further growth in the upcoming years, with new trends popping up now and then. Although fashion is self-expression, having a blueprint comes in handy when analyzing the autonomy of a particular place or period. Here are 7 of the most prominent fashion style categories:

1.    The Sporty Style

The United States apparel market ranked at an estimated value of $105.1 billion in 2020 and should reach the $113.4 billion benchmark this year. This athleisure takes dedicated elements of athletic wear out of the field or the gym and throws it onto the street — think bike shorts, oversized sweatshirts, and mesh leggings.

2.    Streetwear

But there’s also a category for streetwear that largely speaks of casual fashion. It’s trendy but also ultra-comfortable. Streetwear takes inspiration from the skater style and hip hop with just a hint of product scarcity — tank tops, crop tops, T-shirts, hoodies, loose baggy pants, and sneakers. It gained popularity during the 1990s and has been running since. If you’re a religious follower of streetwear, you’re a hype-beast.

3.    The Casual Style

Combine the sporty and casual style, and you’d end up with a more relaxed style to sport on the weekend — it’s hip and lean preppy. A comfortable T-shirt with sneakers does the casual style much justice.

4.    The Classics

The everyday polished style makes for the perfect workwear element. For a professional look, pair khakis, blazers, and pencil skirts. However, if you’re sporting a uniform,

5.    The Bohemian Style

The boho-chic or boho style borrows the festival culture and hippie aesthetics from the 1960s. The hallmark of the boho style is natural fabrics and dyes in earthy tones, prints, and chunky accessories.

6.    The Grunge

This is your favorite black boots, ripped jeans, tights, and an untamed hairstyle. It takes inspiration from grunge music and the subculture from the 80s and 90s Seattle. It features feminine dresses, oversized knits, and plaided flannel shirts from the thrift store styles in a subversive way.

7.    Punk Fashion

The 70s and 80s subversive punk rocker style comprises several subcultures, with each bringing in its style codes. The elements of punk include a distressed blazer, leather jackets, skinny jeans, ripped fishnet stockings, and black boots. The common themes in punk include band logos, provocative messaging, and customization with patches and safety pins. To go the extra mile, add a heavy black eye liner and vibrant colored hair.

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