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Blending Tips to Help You Get That Flawless Complexion

Every day you get to see the craziest makeup application methods and techniques across social media, as influencers compete to prove their skill, talent, and often, gimmicks.

It’s about clickability and shock value, which is why you’ll also see them pump products onto their face, use the strangest application methods and introduce strange tips that are supposed to be foolproof.

You’re probably wondering what the best way to apply your foundation is, out of the apparent 5000.  Truth be told, there isn’t just oneright way to get that flawless finish. There are various steps to achieving that look that you can follow.

Before we begin, however, we’d like to say that no matter how great your products and your techniques, makeup can’t change how skin is.

Normal, real skin has texture, hair, bumps, acne, pores, discoloration, and makeup can’t erase that, and shouldn’t need to anyway.

We need to accept our skin for what it is and ignore airbrushed retouched photos. What it can do, however, is enhance your existing features and make you look like your most fabulous self.

So you want to know how to get that glowing finish? Let’s get right into it:

Start by prepping and priming your skin

Skin prep is an essential step in getting a flawless finish. This is because your skin needs moisture, nourishment, and exfoliation to give you the results you want. Exfoliation shouldn’t be done right before, in case you have a reaction or your skin flares up, but you can do your skincare routine before it.

Use serums, moisturizers, and of course, sunblock if you’re doing a daytime look. This will help you create a healthy, plump canvas for your face.

After your moisturizer gets fully absorbed, move onto applying your primer. Silicone-based primers are excellent for oily, porous skin textures, while hydrating primers work for drier skin types. Pat it in with your fingers, and dab it with a damp blender for a smooth finish.

Move onto color correcting and concealing areas

Once your primer is set, begin concealing and color correcting. At this stage, you can choose to spot conceal and address trouble areas or go all out with your brightening too. depending on the coverage of your foundation, however, that extra brightening concealer may fall flat. Remember less is more no matter what Instagram and YouTube tell you.

Apply your concealer and work them in with your damp blending sponge for a seamless finish. Concealer is one of the easiest steps in a routine so don’t stress too much about it, especially since you’ll probably do a second layer on top of your foundation.

Once your foundation is on, you can also contour and highlight your face and add more concealer, blending it in with gentle patting of the beauty blender as well.

Begin applying your foundation with a flat brush

Pump your foundation onto a hygienic hand palette, and begin placing it on the areas you want the most coverage. Typically the best way to apply is to start at the center of the face and move toward your cheekbones, ears, and so on.

A hand palette is perfect for when you’re mixing multiple colors, products, or want to avoid wastage. You can mix multiple foundations together to create the perfect shade and texture, or add a hint of illuminator for that dewy glow.

Apply using your flat brush for minimal wastage and maximum precision, so that you’re able to place it on areas you really want to focus on.

Use a stippling brush in circular motions

Now that you’ve painted your face, take a stippling brush such as this angled one, and buff in the foundation in gentle circular motions. The stippling effect creates a smooth finish, and really gets your foundation into the crevices and textures of your skin.

It’s going to start looking smoother and the circular motions distribute product and get rid of streaks on the face. It’s a great technique to move toward an almost flawless appearance.

Gently dab your damp beauty blender across the face

But to really take things to the ultimate level of perfection, take a soft, damp beauty blender and begin dabbing in the fluffy side against your face.

Don’t drag, don’t scratch, just gently pat and dab so the foundation really sets, and gets into your skin. It’s going to create a smooth finish that almost looks like skin.

It’s all about that flick of the wrist and the bouncing motion. Don’t give up and soon you’ll see your blending has paid off.

Set your base with powders and fixing spray

Finally, set it all with powders and fixing spray. Again, you can do one or the other before, depending on your desired outcome, but they should be used in tandem with one another. Set your undereye area, mouth, T-zone, and cheekbones especially if you have oily skin.

If you use powder after your spray, wait for it to fully dry to avoid streaking and spotting.

To create these looks you need the right tools and accessories, which is why it’s absolutely essential for you to get your hands on Neat Shop’s luxurious makeup and beauty tools.

From the most gorgeous handmade professional makeup, brushes to stunning, high-end foundation brush sets, mixing palettes and sponges, and beauty blenders.


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