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Where Can I Find Modern Iron French Doors in Salem?

Where Can I Find Modern Iron French Doors in Salem?

Iron French doors are truly a cut above the rest. In fact, they’re deemed the most sophisticated, modern, and effortlessly stunning residential doors by interior designers and real estate investors across Oregon.

If you’re looking for a new pair of iron French doors for your home, Pinky’s Iron Doors can help. With over 42 years of experience in designing and engineering gorgeous doors, the company is known for its quality, attention-to-detail, and focus on functionality. Today, their collection of iron French doors is considered top-tier by residential design experts in the US.

Pinky’s Iron Doors ships across Oregon. As a homeowner in Salem, find the perfect iron French doors for your home, place your order on their site, and wait for your new doors to arrive. It’s that simple.

In this article, we’ll help you make the right decision. We’ve rounded up three of our favorite iron French doors by Pinky’s Iron Doors. Continue reading for some inspiration!

1. Classic Iron French Doors

If you’re looking for interior doors for your home, iron French doors are a great option. The versatile doors can be used as entry doors and interior doors. Treat your home to a pair of classic French doors that add depth and dimension to your home.

These beautiful doors are perfect for minimalist homes that are bathed in neutrals. As the deep black finishing plays with the soft hues in your home, the outcome will be spectacular. We recommend pairing the doors with a dark rug to add more balance to your interior space.

2. Custom Iron French Doors

If you can’t find a pair of iron French doors that are right for your home, opt for a stunning customization. Pinky’s Iron Doors creates custom iron French doors for Salem homes. You can choose a design, size, color, finishing, and glass material that’s right for your property. No matter how unique and idiosyncratic your vision may be, Pinky’s Iron Doors will breathe life into it.

3. Arched Single Iron French Doors

While flat doors are beautiful in their own right, there’s something about arched doors that screams modern sophistication. The gorgeous doors are sleek, chic, and spectacular. If you want your home to look more cozy, serene, tranquil, and inviting, indulge in a pair of arched iron French doors from Pinky’s Iron Doors.

Looking more doors and windows? Pinky’s Iron Doors can help. Browse through their collection of iron French doors, steel patio doors, interior doors, steel sliding doors, and wine cellar doors, among a wide range of other variations. Start finding your favorites!

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