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5 Gifts to Give the Makeup Lover in Your Life

If you have a makeup enthusiast, artist, or generally someone who loves makeup in your life, we’ve got the perfect suggestions for presents that you can give them.

These presents are not only great quality, but they’re also worth the price point, and perfect for giving to someone on a special occasion, be it a birthday, an anniversary, or otherwise.

You’ll have a hard time choosing from the following list since everything is such a wonderful option to invest in:

1.     A sleek makeup display with Swarovski crystals

NEAT Beauty has partnered with Swarovski to create luxury cosmetic display cases, encrusted with real crystals. It’s the perfect high-end present for a loved one, especially someone with a flair for the finer things in life, and a little touch of luxury.

The display cases are made of high-quality acrylic that is going to look amazing when storing all their makeup, keeping it safe and protected, and obviously, super organized. They’ll never lose a brush, lipstick, or palette again!

You can choose from an extensive range of makeup displays both with and without crystals that they offer, making for a great present for anyone with a love for makeup!

2.     Individual makeup brushes from NEAT Beauty

What more could a makeup lover want? You don’t need to buy entire luxury brush sets as a present, but rather individual brushes too. You can ask the recipient what they want or need, and what they’re missing out on, and they can let you know.

The store has foundation brushes, eye makeup brushes, and tons of other options for contour, blush, or bronzer application, and much more. You have the option to choose from their entire collection to find the right product.

Alternatively, you can also shop for sets such as the Gleam Collection, Perfect Eyes Collection, etc, all of which can be viewed here.

3.     Set of beauty blender sponges for different uses

You can also get your hands on some incredible beauty blenders and sponges too. They have a range of sponges in different colors, in various shapes and designs for specific functions.

Some sponges are perfect for bronzing and contouring, while others are for basic foundation application and blending, and others are for finishing and setting.

You can buy them in sets or individual sponges too, mixing and matching as you please. It’s a great option as a present and one that you definitely can’t go wrong with.

The sponges will help them achieve a flawless, airbrushed finish, which is what makes them such a popular choice among NEAT Beauty’s enthusiasts and fans.

4.     Custom palette with Swarovski initials and zodiac

A gorgeous addition to anyone’s collection, these customized palettes with Swarovski initials and zodiacs will be the ultimate gift for someone who loves makeup!

You can order them here, and choose the detailing and information you want to share. From initials to zodiac signs, these palettes can be customized to the recipient’s preferences to make the most special, incredible gift.

The display case holds multiple eyeshadows, blush, and other types of palettes that you can place inside, as the stunning acrylic displays its details.

It’s a wonderful present to give someone, especially a professional makeup artist with a studio, where they can display it.

It pairs exceptionally well with other pieces from NEAT’s Swarovski line, and if you’re feeling generous, go all out!

5.     A gift card to the amazing NEAT Beauty store

Still can’t decide what to give them, or not sure about their preferences and likes? Your safest bet is to get them a gift card!

NEAT Beauty lets you purchase gift cards worth different amounts, but most popularly $100, that can be used by the recipient whenever they like.

This gives them the option to shop for whatever they want or need at the moment, be it brushes, display sets, or even cleaning supplies for the tools they already own.

Plus it saves you from the hassle of making a choice and worrying about whether it’s the right one!

Now that you have a whole list of ideas and recommendations for the perfect gift, you’d better get to shopping. There’s nothing in the world that could make a makeup lover happier than a chance to get their hands on more products and tools—it’s like gluttony, but for glamor!

NEAT Beauty has an incredible range of makeup essentials available at their beauty store, such as these exclusive design makeup displays, elite makeup brush sets, and so much more. Make your loved one the happiest person on earth by gifting them long-lasting, high-quality tools and products that they can use to their heart’s content!


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