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4 Ways to Make Yourself Your #1 Priority

They tell you that building a relationship requires compromise—that give and take are what define the dynamic between you and your partner. While that’s true, sometimes a person may overdo these compromises.

Here’s how to look out for yourself while in a relationship.

1.    Diagnose the Problem

Paying too much attention to your relationship might prove detrimental, leading your partner to feel trapped, suffocated, and giving rise to negative feelings. The only way to detect this is by looking at your dynamic from an objective point of view.

To accomplish this, you might need a third opinion, or ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I struggle with saying “no”?
  • Does my “give” outweigh my “take”?
  • Do I feel bad when doing something solely in my interest?

If the answer to most or all of the above is “yes”, you may need to schedule a relationship coaching session.

2.    Establish Boundaries

Setting boundaries should be done earlier on in a relationship and readjusted as your mutual love takes on a new shape. Some examples of healthy boundaries include having your own goals, alone time, personal space to do things you enjoy, and having healthy friendships outside the relationship.

Having heart-to-heart conversations in a relationship will enable you to communicate your needs with your partner and explain why they are important to you.

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3.    Take Up an Activity

After the honeymoon period is over, spending all your free time with a partner might start getting stale. Make sure they know this because the feeling may very well be mutual.

Even if it’s not, with proper communication, you can both agree to give each other some space every day for a productive activity, like joining a book club, taking a yoga class, joining a fitness course, and so on.

4.    Find a Certified Life & Relationship Coach in San Diego, CA

One way to put yourself first is to realize when help might be beneficial. You cannot have a lifelong mutually fulfilling relationship by putting yourself at the bottom of your priority list.

Seek spiritual and relationship coaching from Freda Wilson to learn ways to nurture a lasting relationship by balancing mutual compromises and interaction.

Contact Freda to join the best relationship coaching program in San Diego County.


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