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3 Powerful Strategies to Choose a Good Book

A book on a white surface with a coffee mug and glasses

Finding books that can inspire you, teach you, and help you look at life in different ways isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Browsing through different books online and offline is easier now, more than ever. You can check Google reviews and authors’ feedback on the Internet. In short, in the modern age of digital technology, you’re not far from finding an incredible book.

Joseph Woodward, a well-known biographical fiction author, shares insightful tips for choosing a good book.

#1 Identify What You Like

First and foremost, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned reader, assess and reassess your reading preferences. Knowing what you like will significantly simplify the task of choosing a good book.

Are you a fan of thrillers or dark humor? Perhaps slapstick comedy or poetry? The answer to these questions will help you determine whether you’re a fiction fan or a poetry lover. This will ultimately lead you to find the best book to satisfy your literary hunger.

#2 Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover—Literally

Avid readers know that best-sellers aren’t always the best. Similarly, not every book with a striking cover page lives up to its exterior appeal. Therefore, the cover should never be on your list of key indicators when choosing a good book.

In addition, Joseph Woodward suggests doesn’t advise you to rely on uber-famous writers to produce quality work. You should be able to judge if it’s a good book by reading the book blurb. It should comply with the literary standards and a strong storyline that keeps you hooked right from the beginning. A good book doesn’t just have a good story, but it is also well-written.

#3 Diversify Your Collection

Readers tend to stick to a particular author, publisher, and genre when choosing a book to read. This, however, limits their ability to find a good book. You will never know if you’ll like a new genre like biographical fiction or romantic thriller until you try it.

Sometimes, the best books are right under your nose, but you’re unable to read them because they don’t fall under your go-to genre. A good book also needs to have a purpose, a distinct style, and an instantly recognizable and relatable writing pattern.

“Back Running” by Joseph Woodward

Delve Into the Work of Joseph Woodward

Joseph Woodward is a talented author who has produced some of the best biographical fiction, historic fiction, and romantic thriller books in the present age. He has diverse experience in writing rich books filled with a flare of passion.

He’s also an award-winning biographical fiction author. Some of his books that you shouldn’t miss out on include The Three Husbands of Anabelle, the Pocket Book of Short Stories, and Black Running.

Learn more about his books here or contact for more details.


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