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How Do Micronutrients Function in White Blood Cells?

Micronutrients are essential for keeping our cells running smoothly. Many micronutrients are found in your white blood cells, which help fight off illnesses or infections caused by foreign invaders or even cancerous cells. Certain micronutrients also keep your immune system running at its highest level.

Read about some of the essential micronutrients in our white blood cells and our immune system.

1) Zinc

Your body needs zinc to fight off the AIDS virus, eliminate old red blood cells, and heal wounds. If there isn’t enough zinc in your diet, you can develop a condition called Koilonychia, which results in thinned fingernails because the body cannot repair the damage that has been done on a cellular level. This deficiency could be an indicator of an HIV infection or malabsorption syndrome.

2) Copper

Copper plays an important role in forming connective tissue and the blood vessels, which must all be working properly for your body to function. If you have a copper deficiency, it could lead to joint pain, type I diabetes, a weak immune system, and cardiovascular diseases.

3) Chromium

Chromium facilitates the formation of the amino acids alanine and serine used to make proteins that can fight off infections or viruses. Chromium is also involved in energy metabolism and helps with glucose uptake into cells. Chromium in the body can lead to type II diabetes.

4) Manganese

Manganese is necessary for the proper development of the brain; it synthesizes cholesterol and neurotransmitters. Your bones will take manganese and use it to form strong bone matrixes that are crucial for keeping certain types of cancers from developing. A manganese deficiency in your body can lead to type II diabetes or osteoporosis.

5) Selenium

This helps with the division of cells in the bone marrow and helps with antibody production and cell-to-cell communication. It keeps your hair healthy by making selenoproteins that support cell health. Large amounts of selenium can lead to a condition called hair loss or hypothyroidism.

6) Vitamin B12

This synthesizes DNA and RNA as well as multiple enzymes that are necessary for energy production, healthy cell division, healthy nerve function, maintenance of the myelin sheath, which covers nerves in the brain and spinal cord, and synthesis of protein. If there isn’t enough vitamin B12 in your body, you can have anemia.

It’s essential to have adequate micronutrients in your body. Tavicare provides micronutrient testing that assesses your clinical well-being and helps you prevent chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and more.

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