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Woman in a sweater with black gel nails

Gel Nails At Home: A Simple DIY Guide for Beginners

Woman in a sweater with black gel nails

Having colorful, bright, vibrant nails is always fun until they start chipping, and you have to rush to the nearest nail salon to get them redone. It can not only be expensive but a hassle to deal with appointments, rude salons, and clearing your schedule to make time for your nails.

If only there were a way to do gel nails at home, saving you some time and money. Well, fortunately, there is; as long as you have the right equipment and patience to learn, you’re all set.

Here’s a simple get to get you started so you can enjoy salon-quality gel nails at home.

Why should you try to do gel nails at home?

If you’re still on the fence about DIYing your gel nails, you need to understand how much more cost-effective this option is. You’re saving a lot of money by ditching regular trips to the salon.

You only pay for the equipment once, and if you splurge or buy beauty products online from a trusted source, like Soleuson, you’ll have nothing to worry about for many years to come.

DIYing your nails at home will also save you a lot of time and stress. You no longer have to worry about rushing to appointments, rescheduling other activities, and working your way around your salon. Doing your nails at home also gives you time to explore your creativity. You can experiment with new patterns, designs, and colors and give yourself a set of unique nails.

Things you’ll need

Unlike traditional nail polish procedures, to keep your gel nails in perfect condition, you’ll need some things like an LED lamp or UV Lamp to set your gel nails.

Nail buffers to buff out the top layer of your nail, so the polish adheres better, gel polish in whatever colors you’d like, base coat, topcoat, rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or dust, and lastly, cuticle oil to hydrate your cuticles and nails.

DIY gel nails at home

How to do gel nails at home

Once you’ve acquired all the essentials and equipment, it’s time to get down to the fun stuff. Start by lightly buffing your nails to prep them for the manicure. Clean everything off with the rubbing alcohol, ensuring no dust or dirt remains attached to the nail bed.

Whip out your base coat and apply a thin layer before curing it under the lamp for 30 seconds. The base coat ensures the longevity of your designs, keeping them in place for much longer.

After your basecoat is cured, you can go ahead and apply your gel polish the same way. Be sure to stay away from your cuticles and cure them under the lamp for 30 seconds too. Lastly, top it all off with a topcoat, curing that under the light too, and add a few drops of cuticle oil to hydrate and replenish your skin and nails.

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