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A Beginner’s Guide to Terpenes

A Beginner’s Guide to Terpenes

Marijuana consists of many compounds, such as THC and CBD that have exceptional medical properties. However, it was recently discovered that marijuana plant contains an array of unique aromatic chemicals, terpenes and flavonoids that give the herb its scent, taste, and flavor.

Herbs and fruits used to extract terpene

How do Terpene’s work?

Terpenes interact with our neural and cellular receptors, just like THC and CBD. What sets them apart is that terpenes can modulate the neurotransmitters levels in our brain.  By binding themselves to the receptors, terpenes can impede the malfunctioning of serotonin or boost dopamine activity.

Types of Terpenes

Every user will have different preferences when deciding which Terpene to buy based on its profile, depending on the customer’s use and expected results. Some terpenes help induce sedative effects that combat insomnia, while others can have uplifting effects suited to treat anxiety or PTSD.


Here are some commonly found terpenes and their potential benefits:


Myrcene, the most common Terpene found in medical marijuana, has a classic herbal aroma and can also be found in mangoes, thyme, and lemongrass.

Due to its soothing effects, myrcene is best suited to minimize pain and inflammation while regulating a soothing effect.

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Pinene is the second to third most dominant terpene strain that helps induce calming effects. Pinene-dominant strains have a woodsy and piney aroma, which is why they can be a rare type of find.


Caryophyllene has the most potent, pungent, and sour odor out of all the terpenes. It acts as a stress reliever – perfect for those wanting to combat mood disorders and anxiety. It can also act as a pain-reliever and an anti-inflammatory agent.


As its name suggests, Limonene is a terpene with a citrusy and slightly fruity aroma that’s primarily extracted from lemon and orange peels. It’s ideally suited for mood elevation, treating anxiety, and aiding in stress relief.

Limonene-dominant strains are relatively much higher in energizing and uplifting than myrcene or caryophyllene.

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Terpinolene has the most unique scent profile of all the terpenes – herbaceous, citrusy, sometimes fruity, and have a fresh aroma. Terpinolene-dominant strains are also rare, and like Limonene, it helps uplift and elevates mood. Sativa strains are iconic terpinolene-dominant strains.


For those who like floral scent profiles with relaxing effects, linalool is the perfect terpene for them. Medical marijuana strains typically don’t contain a high amount of linalool, but regardless, many strains feature it as second or third most abundant Terpene.

Linalool is most associated and extracted from lavender with stress and anxiety-relieving effects.

End Note

There are plenty articles online that discuss the medical and health benefits of terpenes. Whether it’s cannabis or any other plant, the quality of the Terpene extracted is affected based on what the plant is fed. Gold Coast Terpene provides the highest quality terpene strains online in California at an affordable price. They ensure that the produce used to extract terpenes are pesticides free and free from any heavy metals or solvents.


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