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A student taking the Canadian registered nurse exam

How Can I Pass the CPRNE Exam on My First Attempt?

A student taking the Canadian registered nurse examThis is one of the most frequently asked questions by all aspiring nurses.

Passing the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE) exam on your first attempt can be challenging, but it is not impossible. The key to passing this examination is preparation, commitment, and the right guidance.

Moreover, since you’re allowed three attempts, as more time passes by between each attempt and failures accumulate, it’s less likely for one to succeed with the stress and fears mounting on your head.

According to statistics, Canadian students struggle with passing the CPNRE exam. In fact, the rate of failure is reaching new heights with every passing year. With about 30–40% of students failing each year, students face high amounts of anxiety and stress regarding success.

For many students, the pressure to excel on these high-stakes tests can be too much. Failing a test or not meeting expectations forces students into uneasiness and anxiety as they wonder what their future may look like if this continues.

In a study conducted on students who were misinformed regarding their grades in high-stake tests and told they failed, severe negative emotional reactions were observed with signs of depressed moods and lowered self-esteem.

Your best bet is to avoid having to take it again, ace it in your first attempt and become a registered nurse in Canada.

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We met with the experts at Modern Tech and have devised the following tips to help you perform incredibly on your first attempt at the CPNRE exam:

#1 – Know What to Expect

A registered nurse in CanadaIt’s time to get your head in the game and ace this test!

Knowing the format, you’re going up against will help. You need to know exactly how many questions there’ll be, as well as their difficulty level. Leave no room for surprises at exam-time because that could cost you big points on the final tally sheet.

The CPNRE exam comprises of 165–170 multiple-choice questions. The exam is computerized, and you’re allotted around four hours to answer all questions.

While some questions are based on case studies, others are independent. For questions regarding case studies, you require focused attention and reading prior to answering questions. This is where your knowledge bank will count.

However, there’s no easy way out of memorizing certain details such as drug and disease names and facts and figures.

#2 –Seek Professional Mentorship

As stressful as the process of taking the CPNRE is, it’s important to remember that more than 50% do end up succeeding at it.

Once you’ve decided to take the exam, the biggest dilemma arises in most students’ minds: to self-study or to register for coaching by a professional.

We highly recommend all prospective licensed nurses opt for professional mentorship before their first attempt so that you leave no stone unturned. Learning under the guidance of institutes like Modern Tech gives you a guided structure. It ensures accountability so that you don’t fall off track and fail your Canadian registered nurse examinations.

The institute runs under Priya’s supervision, who interacts with students individually to assess their needs and give advice. Several students mentored by them go on to achieve their nursing licenses in Canada.

While it’s true some students succeed all by themselves, with only three attempts and the immense pressure of failure, it’s not worth risking your whole career.

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#3 – Evaluate Yourself Multiple Times

The golden key to unlocking academic success and monitoring progress is testing yourself at multiple points of your learning journey.

Right before you start preparing for your CPNRE exam, take a preliminary test to determine your initial grip over the content. This will help you have a starting point from which you can get going. Popularly known as diagnostic tests, they also help you determine your strengths and weaknesses so that you customize your learning accordingly.

Even during the process of learning, self-testing at multiple points helps memory consolidation by practising retrieval.

At the end of your preparation course, you’ll be made to take mock tests at Modern Tech to familiarize you with the pressure and time constraints of the actual testing procedure. This is an effective way of preparing for your first attempt, which won’t seem like a first anymore.

#4 –Maintain A Positive Mental State

One of the most overlooked factors before taking an exam is one’s mental state.

It’s understandable that a student would be nervous about taking the exam. However, there are some things to consider before you get too overwhelmed with worry and stress over the situation.

It’s important to maintain a healthy state by eating well-balanced meals and getting enough sleep so that your brain functions at its fullest capacity during those stressful periods of four hours when everything you’ve invested in the past few months is finally being tested.

Avoid cramming everything or staying up late studying without any breaks a day before as it only leads to exhaustion and causes anxiety. Believe in your and your mentor’s efforts the past few months and ace it!

Additionally, if you’ve recently suffered a traumatic event or are undergoing mental health difficulties, delay your test. Don’t pressurize yourself and end up failing; it will only do more harm. You’d rather take a step back, unwind, and approach it with renewed energy so that you’re successful at your first attempt.

A registered nurse in CanadaAbout Modern Tech

Modern Tech is a nursing review center Toronto, Ontario. They’ve got over Twenty years of experience preparing and mentoring students for their Canadian registered nurse examination.

Every student at Modern Tech gets individualized attention from Priya, who is a holistic coach for them. Reach out to them online or call them at 416 679 9855.


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