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student writing an essay

What Makes For a Good Essay?

An essay may seem like a simple enough thing to write, but there are certain components that you need to excel at if you want your work to be received positively. Writing a good essay takes more than just a half-hearted attempt to convey your ideas. You need to be organized, articulate, and authentic with your writing.

Here’s what makes for a good essay.

Organization of Ideas

Every good essay is well structured and organized. This means that each essay section is thoughtfully written and placed within the essay to maintain flow and enhance the overall readability of the essay.

student writing an essay

Your readers should know what you’re talking about while they’re reading your essay. Start with a captivating introductory paragraph that gives insight into the essay topic. The introduction should be concise and compelling so that it instantly gets the readers’ attention. It should also clearly outline what the essay will be about.

Next, distribute your ideas, thoughts, and concepts into separate paragraphs. Dedicate each new idea to a new paragraph and break it down further if it’s too lengthy. Make sure you’re organizing your ideas logically, such that an existing paragraph connects with the one preceding and following it. Avoid repeating the same ideas in each paragraph.

Finally, conclude your essay with a concise yet impactful ending paragraph. The conclusion should summarize what you’ve discussed, emphasize new findings or questions, and wrap up the essay topic nicely. It should leave your readers thinking.

A Strong Thesis & Relevant Arguments

The thesis of your essay is essentially the statement you’re making or questioning. Since any thesis needs to be backed up with evidence and discussion, you need to make valid, logical, and strong arguments that are thought-provoking and support your argument.

For example, if you’re writing a book review and your thesis is that the book symbolizes freedom or makes political arguments, you need to back up your claims with evidence from the book. A thesis is only as strong as its supporting arguments, so make sure that you’re including relevant examples to substantiate your claim.

You can use as many or as few arguments as you like to support your thesis statement. As long as you’re able to make elaborate and convincing arguments, your thesis stands tall.

students writing their essay drafts

Accurate Citations

Don’t forget to give credit where it’s due and acknowledge all your sources! A bibliography or in-text citations are essential to avoid plagiarizing someone else’s work and (unintentionally or intentionally) passing it off as your own.

For one, it’s considered to be intellectual theft and dishonesty. Pretending that you came up with the ideas or words that someone else has already published is a highly unethical practice and reflects on your character.

Secondly, plagiarism isn’t tolerated in most academic spaces and can have severe consequences. Trust us; you don’t want to be caught plagiarizing in your essay whether intentionally or accidentally.

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