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How to Overcome the Fear of a Blood Test

While it’s true that blood tests are safe and quick, facing them isn’t always easy because many of us suffer from a phobia of blood (hemophobia) or needles (trypanophobia) and it’s not comforting to hear that your fear is just irrational.

Instead, here are some easy ways by our expert phlebotomists in VA to make the experience a little easier.

Manage the wait

Managing the wait is very important if you’re feeling nervous about a procedure. If you’ll have to wait, think about how you can manage that time. Try taking your mind off the test itself, for example, by finding an interesting article to read on your phone.

Locate your fear

While many of us are concerned about blood tests, we’re not all anxious for the same reasons. For some, it might be nerves that arise during the wait beforehand or a fear of fainting.

For others, it’s a worry about whether or not the procedure will be painless. Other people may also get nervous about the purpose of the test and what their results may indicate.

To manage your anxiety, identify the root cause of your fear. Once you know what’s driving this, managing your reaction effectively becomes possible. For instance, if you’re worried about pain, ask the doctor to numb the area before drawing blood.

Eat breakfast (if permitted)

Having a healthy meal/breakfast before your appointment (depending on the time of day) can be extremely helpful, that is, if your blood test doesn’t involve fasting. Our anxiety can affect our appetite. However, having something to eat can help us feel stronger and stabilize blood sugar.

If you’ve been fasting, having something to eat immediately after the test can also be helpful.

Be open

Admitting that you’re anxious about a blood test can be embarrassing. However, many people feel nervous when their blood is taken, and it’s natural. Being honest and open about that — with yourself and others — can help you feel better.

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