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4 Common Spanish Language Mistakes Beginners Make

When mastering a foreign language, several things should be taken into consideration. This includes your mother tongue, your goal, the other languages you know, and also your tutoring resources.

We know that Spanish can be quite challenging as compared to other languages. Native English speakers take time in understanding the structure of the Spanish language. But, fret not! Making mistakes is part and parcel of the process. Your main focus should be enjoying the learning process. Here are some common mistakes beginners make:

1.    Not Trilling the R Sound.

The Spanish language has different sounds for letters like R. Beginners might pronounce the R like they pronounce it in English and don’t trill the alphabet. This can be confusing to natives as they focus on a deeper vibration of R.

If the R is at the start of a word or when it is between vowels, then you need to trill it for a stronger, deeper sound.

2.    Not Focusing on Pronunciation

Spanish pronunciation may seem intimidating, but with practice, you’ll surely get the hang of it. Make it a point to speak to native speakers as only they can help correct your pronunciation, and you can pick up tips hearing how they speak. When choosing a Spanish tutor, native speakers are ideal.


A group of friends speaking Spanish

3.    Thinking Spanish Words That Look Like English Share the Same Meaning

You’ll come across many words in Spanish that are similar in English. These are typically known as cognates. Since Spanish and English tend to share vocabulary, some words that are similar share meanings. However, this is not always the case, and it’s important to differentiate them instead of using the word incorrectly. Let’s take the word ‘embarazada’, for example. Now, a native English speaker would think it means embarrassed. However, the word translates to “pregnant”. This is why double-checking is always essential.

4.    Being Afraid To Make Mistakes

You can’t expect to learn a new language without making mistakes. People tend to make many mistakes with their native language, so it’s important to give yourself time to learn. Consistency is key in language learning. If someone corrects your error, learn from it instead of worrying about not getting it right the first time around.



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