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Students taking an exam for a registered nurse in Canada

I Failed My RN Exam; What Should I Do Next?

Students taking an exam for a registered nurse in Canada

If you’ve failed your RN examination, you’re not alone.

Every year a significant chunk of nursing students fail the CPRNE exam due to a number of factors, including exam stress, lack of nursing knowledge, difficulty with multiple-choice questions, and many more.

The key to dealing with failure is to not let it affect your self-esteem. Failing a test doesn’t define your abilities; however, you might have to strategize in order to do better next time.

Lucky for you, the NCLEX-RN grants every nursing applicant unlimited attempts at taking the test up to 8 times a year.

Adequate preparation is crucial to becoming a nurse in Canada. Modern Tech is committed to helping students achieve their nursing dreams. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to follow if you’ve failed the RN exam.

Step #1 – Accept and Move On

Failure is an unavoidable part of life. Identifying the failure, accepting what went wrong, and learning from it are all steps in moving on to a better future.

Reliving painful memories by overthinking can result in a depressed state of mind. Put your mental health and care for yourself above all.

Don’t let the fear of disappointing others overtake you. Accept it and prepare to move to the next stage of your life with added growth.

Step #2 – Identify What Went Wrong

Take this time to gain perspective and reflect upon what went wrong and how you can bring about a change.

There might be several reasons you were unable to pass the test:

  • It’s possible that you haven’t gained mastery over the content of nursing. In this case, you can always study harder, dedicate more time and effort and seek knowledge.
  • With around 50% of students reporting high-stress levels, the fear of exams is real. It can destabilize your capacity and result in confusion.
  • Multiple-choice questions are also more prone to errors. The tiniest of mistakes in reading or focusing on incorrect details can result in a loss of the whole point.
  • You might be dealing with a major life issue prior to the test, which debilitated you.

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Step #3–Get Coached by a Pro

Either way, you can benefit from the  practical nurse exam review school, Modern Tech Nursing, in Ontario.

Established by Priya Basil, the school has helped thousands of students fulfil their nursing dreams. Priya’s got 16 years of experience in health sciences education. She was a nurse herself and knows the ins and outs of the field.

Being coached by a mentor is the best way to prepare for NCLEX. Priya focuses on a holistic approach to teaching wherein she focuses on the care, comfort, pharmacological therapies, physiological adaptation, and reduction of risk potential.

From the application process to the final examination, Modern Tech helps you every step of the way.

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Step #4 –Retake the Final Exam

Once you’re good to go on all these fronts, you’re ready to take the test again and ace it.

Register for the test and smash the exam.

A young man studying for nursing school

Modern Tech Nursing always looks forward to students’ feedback. Read about all their success stories.

Get in touch with them online or call them at 416 679 9855.


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