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4 Steps to Manage Your Project Timeline

From the start of the project to its successful completion, you’ll have multiple deadlines, task lists, and areas to focus on. That’s why it’s vital that you figure out a way to help you manage your project timeline and keep processes more efficient, effective, and optimized.

Implement the following measures and steps to help you build a more cohesive timeline and execution plan:

1.     Sketch out the complete scope of your project

Having an idea of the complete scope of your project will help determine parameters, limits, and the list of deliverables you’ll have to complete. The scope should be fully developed and detailed, outlining everything you need to focus on, including timeline, resources, reach, and more. Flesh out the entirety of the scope to help you move forward with other aspects of your work.

2.     Identify all your deliverables and tasks efficiently

Once you determine and hash out the scope, identify all your deliverables. Whether that’s order fulfillment for a certain amount of products or generating a particular result for your client, determining deliverables is key. Following that, you should move on to breaking down those deliverables into even smaller tasks that can be delegated or assigned.

Additionally, separate and identify dependencies too. Since these tasks depend on others to be completed, it will be easier to prioritize what needs to be done first.


3.     Estimate time per task and set deadlines

Following that, estimate the amount of time it takes per task and set appropriate deadlines to help stay on track. These deadlines should be realistic, firm, and ideally have a small margin or wiggle room in case there’s an issue or error in the process. Multiple smaller deadlines, goals, and milestones are a lot more effective for long-term project management than a single be-all-end-all deadline. This approach helps you celebrate small wins and small achievements along the way, boost team morale, and help you evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.

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