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Allow for error

The Cause of Plagiarism

Infringement of copyright, copying, or stealing are words most commonly associated with plagiarism. Plagiarism is regarded as an act of fraud as it involves using another’s ideas or words and passing them on as though one’s own. But, plagiarism isn’t always intentional — here’s a closer look at the causes of committing this literary theft:

Allow for error

The Cause of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a breach of ethical conduct. Despite this, 58 percent of high schoolers and 36 percent of college and graduate school students admit copying and paraphrasing sentences from Internet sources without proper citation. Plagiarism happens because students fear taking risks for their drafts or have poorly planned their time and effort for research-based writing, which forces them to plagiarize. Alternatively, teachers may present students with generic assignments forcing them to look for canned responses. At times, instructors fail to report plagiarism as and when it occurs with appropriate penalties, leaving students to assume that there shall be no consequences for cheating.

The Solution for Plagiarism

An easy solution to plagiarism is to enable students with the knowledge and ability to use conventions of authorial attribution — i.e., teaching students how to integrate ideas and documents from other sources into their text. Rather than using quotes, it’s best to paraphrase the wordings used by others to present the words in your own unique fashion. However, despite paraphrasing, you must incorporate citations properly. Each assertion or statement of fact must always be cited to make the reader aware that the stated knowledge or opinion isn’t your own. Remember that error is a part of learning, so as long as you’ve pulled up your socks on carefully taking documented notes for your research, you should perform fairly well.

A student cheating during an exam as he uses Internet sources for plagiarism.

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