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An Interesting Overview of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 is the derivation of a new-fangled and much-hyped Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s a blend of leading-edge inventions and digital systems that has started affecting our daily lives.

This revolution has also affected learning techniques and educational outcomes. As many organizations and industries reformed, so did the educational needs of society. With remarkable innovations and development in diverse sectors, people started looking farther into the future.

This automatically ramped up the need for better learning resources.

In this blog, we take you on a journey that will uncover interesting facts about the 4th industrial revolution. We’ll also discuss its impact on learning platforms and practices.

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A New Approach to Learning

Gone are the days of traditional learning practices. Revolution 4.0 has pushed educational services providers and students to rethink their practices. The revolution has accelerated remote learning.

It has enabled students and instructors to connect digitally whilst ensuring smooth and effective delivery of knowledge and learning resources. It has increased accountability, management, and skill-based learning. Moreover, learners can now overcome their self-confidence and empowerment issues by enrolling in career and personality development courses online.

Changing Employment Needs

The fourth industrial revolution has brought many changes in manufacturing, production, finance, and other sectors at a global level. It has, however, also increased the need for technical expertise, soft skills, and job requirements.

A recent McKinsey Digital research reveals the revolution 4.0 has changed as much as 60% of the job requirements that were considered highly important a few years ago. As more occupational roles become automated and digitally-driven, job-seeker must polish relevant skills.

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