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3 Ways to Style Your Collar Blouses

When it comes to outfits that elicit class, collared blouses are a clear winner. They have a certain sophistication and style that instantly transforms any look. Historically known as Victorian neckwear, detachable collars were introduced to women in the mid-1800s. Today, in 2021, this isn’t just a trending fashion item but makes for a strong style statement as well. Here are some fun ways to style your collar blouse:

Leather Pants and Boots

Now that we’re nearing fall season, it’s time to bring out those boots you’ve been hoarding for the past couple of months. If you have a white collared blouse, tuck this in a pair of jet-black leather pants. Remember to keep the edges of the blouse a little loose for that added fair. Next, strap on a gold-buckled belt and a pocket chain. You can choose to wear a chunky gold necklace with this or keep it minimal with a simple bracelet stack. Zip up your heeled boots; throw on a matching cross body, and viola, a look fit for a ramp!

Sweater Vest

Collared blouses work extremely well with sweater vests (especially V-necked, sleeveless ones). You can choose any color combination you want, but keeping the sweater a darker color than the blouse would work best. So if you’re wearing a beige sweater, then a white blouse will be perfect. A cream-colored blouse would be ideal for a red or blue sweater. All you have to do is wear the sweater over the blouse and ensure that the collar is fitted well. Next, throw on a pair of black jeans and a belt for added definition. You can tuck the lower half of your shirt in or leave it out depending on the event. Finish the look with a pair of strappy kitten heels and a small handbag and you’ll be good to go.

A woman posing in a white collared blouse.

Pant Suit

Go bold, go classy with a pantsuit. Yes, that’s right; you can take your basic office look to a completely new level with a collared blouse. Begin by choosing a bold-colored or printed pantsuit. Something red, floral, striped, or yellow would be great. Pair this up with a white collared blouse to add a sense of sophistication, yet something that doesn’t steal the show. Finish it off with some heels, a handbag, and some statement earrings.

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