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5 Hacks for a Smooth Business Relocation

Moving a business can be a lot of work. Even the smallest mistakes can lead to damaged equipment and loss of sales. Organizations need to start planning well in advance to make sure they have a smooth relocation. Here are some business relocation hacks from moving experts themselves to make sure you have a smooth business relocation.

Hack 1: Develop a Relocation Plan

Make sure you have a relocation plan well in advance of your move. A relocation plan is a great tool that helps you navigate your business relocation and guides you through the process. It helps reduce delays and makes sure you don’t miss out on any important steps. Some of the important things to have in your relocation plan are:

  • Relocation Timeline– Make sure to add a complete timeline from packing to unpacking. Also, add dates for other important events, such as communication plan rollouts.
  • Packing System– Add a detailed packing system guide. Make sure to make a list of categories and add it to your plan.
  • Communication Plans– You’ll have to develop communication plans to communicate about your move to your employees, clients, customers, and suppliers. Develop a separate plan for each of your audiences.
  • Relocation Insurance Do add guidelines for getting your relocation insurance. Moving without an insurance plan can be very risky.

Hack 2: Develop a Packing System

Packing without a system can create chaos. Establish a packing system and stick to it. Make sure to categorize your stuff and label every box. Inform everyone involved in the move about your system to avoid any packing mistakes.

A man packing a box

Hack 3: Declutter Before You Move

Taking all your stuff to your new office space might not be possible. There must be a lot of things that you don’t require anymore. Make sure to declutter your current office and only pack the stuff that you need. Just remember, you don’t need all the things you have.

Hack 4: Prepare the Floor Plan

It’s crucial to have a floor plan before you move. Once the layout of the office has been laid out, it’s easier for movers to follow the floor plan and move and place stuff accordingly. This will help you reduce delays and will ensure a smooth relocation. Make sure to discuss your floor plan with your movers and provide them with the plan.

A detailed floor plan on a piece of paper

Hack 5: Get Commercial Movers

No matter how small your business is, it’s always better to get commercial movers. These movers are better equipped for commercial moving. They can help you pick the best dates to relocate and can help you through the stressful process. Start looking for movers early, as it can be difficult to get the desired dates later in the process. Also, ensure that the movers that you’ve picked have the experience, skills, and resources for the move.

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