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How to Get Free Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become the most popular long-term investment as it allows secure transactions of money without the need for third parties or banks. It’s a distributed digital currency that anyone can use. Currently, 1 Bitcoin equals 45,284.40 US Dollars and the highly-secured asset sets new price records every other day.

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin’s distributed network has been running without a single fail. It’s a fully decentralized network that’s practically impossible to destroy.

Want to grab your hands on free Bitcoin? Here’s a list of some legal ways you can get free Bitcoin.

Use a Crypto Browser

Several websites help people get free Bitcoin by performing their recommended activities. They allow people earn money while playing online games, chatting, or watching videos. CryptoTab Browser, for instance, helps its users multiply their income and earn free Bitcoin by surfing the internet.

Learn about Bitcoin

The simplest way to earn free Bitcoin is by learning about it from websites such as Coinbase. You can use these websites to learn how cryptocurrencies work and get a small portion of the crypto coin in return. Websites like Coinbase allow their users to take various courses and watch several videos to learn about crypto and reward them if they register on their website.

Bitcoin Faucets

A Bitcoin faucet is a website that offers a small amount of Bitcoin in exchange for watching ads, solving captchas, or some other easy activities. This exchange reward is generally called “Satoshi.”

The amount, however, is substantially low, but it’s a great place to start for beginners. Bitcoin faucets increase their ad revenue and earn numerous other benefits by increasing the visitors’ engagement on their website.


Arbitrage means simultaneously purchasing and selling an asset in different markets to earn profits from the differences in the asset’s listed price. It’s currently the safest money-making technique and you can also automate the process by using a Crypto Trading bot. These bots typically work 24/7 based on your specified strategies and rules.


Cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

In short, Bitcoin’s value is continuously rising and it’s the most suitable time to start making money using this digital currency.

If, however, you’re not ready to make a large investment in cryptocurrency you can implement the above-mentioned strategies to earn free Bitcoin. Some other ways to earn Bitcoin include shopping via reward companies, playing games that offer Bitcoin prizes, Bitcoin lending, or applying for a Binance Bitcoin referral program.

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