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How to Dress Classy: 3 Style Tips You Must Know

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous”. Coco Chanel

Fashion is a way to express your style. However, with so many options available it’s pretty easy to over-dress or drown in trends. When it comes to looking classy, the one important factor is being true to your style. Following trends isn’t discouraged, but it’s more about how you add your twist or touch to it. Here are some styling tips to help you dress classy as ever:

When In Doubt, Solid Work Best

Nothing speaks volumes like a bold-colored pantsuit or a monochrome dress. Wearing solids help create a very sophisticated yet fun look. The best part about this is that you’ll find solids in every store. Neutrals like creams, maroon, blue, gray, white, and beige are popular these days are creating strong style statements even on the red carpet. Now, we don’t mean dressing head to toe in one color. If you’re wearing a blue pantsuit, pair this up with some gold jewelry, nude heels, and a nude cross body to add definition.

Fit Is Important

No matter how expensive or well-designed your outfit maybe, if it doesn’t fit right, it won’t look right. Classy clothing is form fitting. Remember your clothes shouldn’t be too loose, as they will just droop down on you. Extra tight clothes are also discouraged, as they will shift from the classy meter.  Take your time to shop from a store that offers a variety of sizes so that you find the right one for your body type.

A woman wearing gold jewelry.

Don’t Over Do Accessories

The accessories you wear have the power to either make or break the outfit, so choose wisely. When it comes to classy dressing, nothing works better than good old gold. It has a timeless appeal and the warm hues complement all kinds of colors. However, this doesn’t mean you wear every gold-colored jewelry you own. If you’re opting for statement earrings, skip the necklace and bracelet. Likewise, if your necklace is chunky and bold, the earrings and bracelets won’t be necessary. Remember, less is more. Another great way to the visual interest to your outfit is wearing a scarf. Single-colored ones work best on printed dresses where are patterned ones look classy on monochrome pantsuits.


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