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4 Habits You Need to Adopt for A-Levels Distance Learning

The impact of COVID-19 on distance learning students is rarely ever talked about. The negative impacts on the study habits of students have been due to the limited interaction with other students and overall difficulties in managing the workload.

Distance learning has benefits too, as it is a great way to continue studying and learning without spending too much on travelling or worrying about safety. And with the ongoing pandemic, distance learning isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, the e-learning market is predicted to reach more than 270 billion pounds by 2026.

Since everyone will be studying from home, here are a few habits you need to adopt.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping well means your brain will be recharged enough to study well. Studies have linked a good six to eight hours of sleep every night to good grades. Getting sufficient sleep means your brain can function well and help absorb the knowledge that you will acquire when you study.

Study in Manageable Sections

It is recommended that you divide up your study material or course outline into small sections that you can easily manage to study in one day or a short period. Taking regular breaks between these sections will be effective for your learning process and help you concentrate better so you can remember everything well enough.

Eat Well

Healthy eating habits not only nourish your body but also help your brain cells function better. Instead of having well-portioned meals throughout the day, try keeping healthy snacks with you whenever you’re studying to keep your blood sugar level stable and your mind fresh and active.

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Stretch and Take a Walk

Since you’re always studying while sitting, it’s important to stretch your muscles when you’ve been sitting all day or night long. Constant sitting in one position can be detrimental to your body posture and overall physical health. Stretch and take a walk to reduce stress, get fresh air, relieve tension, strengthen your muscles, and return to your studies with a refreshed mind.

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