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5 Different Types of Wigs and their Uses

Wigs and extensions have been trending in fashion for centuries. The use of wigs has given many people a chance to bring instant changes to their looks. Every habitual wig wearer tries a couple of types of wigs until they find the one they can commit to forever. There are many types and textures of hair extensions and wigs one can choose from; some of these are discussed below. 

1. Synthetic Hair Wigs

This type of wig is ideal for people who wish to change their hairstyle for a costume or a play. As it can be quite affordable compared to human hair wigs, it makes an ideal choice for high schoolers looking for an accessory for a school play or a skit. These wigs do not have a long life and look visibly unnatural. They often lack the shine and bounce of natural hair and are meant for single use only. For daily wig wearers, investing in Eurasian 10A Grade Virgin Human Hair Extensions is a smarter choice compared to synthetic options. 

2. Indian Remy Virgin Extensions and Wigs

These wigs are widely recommended by wig wearers and hairstylists alike. The superior quality of these wigs makes them unidentifiable as artificial hair. In fact, in many cases, it looks far better than the average natural hair type. The luscious and healthy volume of a Remy wig is second to none and is sure to get the wearer many compliments every time. The price of these wigs can be quite higher than the regular kinds, but it is undoubtedly a worthwhile purchase.


3. Capless Wigs

These wigs are a great option for longer wear. The need for a cap is replaced by wefts present at the base of this wig. The spaces in between these wefts can allow the scalp to breathe when wearing a wig for longer periods. 


4. Lace Front Wigs and Extensions

These wigs make the perfect choice for those who wish to shorten their hairline by a few inches. These wigs only cover the front part of the head and are durable as well. 

5. Monofilament Extensions and Wigs

This wig is impossible to tell apart from natural hair and can be parted and styled any way, as it makes the roots look as real as a natural scalp. For the best quality hair extensions and wigs, visit Real Hair by Lady Js website and shop for the wigs that will last you a lifetime. They have Eurasian 10A Grade Virgin Human Hair Extensions and Indian Remy Virgin Extensions


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