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Choosing the Right Wig for Your Face Shape: A Guide

Whether you wear a wig daily or occasionally due to a medical reason or just for style, choosing the one right for your face shape is incredibly important. When we see celebrities looking like their fabulous selves at each appearance with a different wig each time, we wonder what we might be doing wrong. Why do wigs not look as natural and effortless as they do on celebrities? The main reason for it might be the wrong choice of wig or not recognizing one’s face shape. 

How to Determine Your Face Shape

Finding out your face shape only takes a few minutes and can be done with the help of a mirror and a lip pencil or any other kind of liner. Stand in front of a flat mirror, and with the help of the liner, trace out the outline of your face on the surface of the mirror. Then compare the shape with the ones mentioned below, and choose your wigs accordingly. 

1. Oval Shape 

This face type has a proportionate shape, with a defined jawline. The hairline is broader in comparison to the jawline as well. People with this face shape can pull off almost any hairstyle, wig, or micro links hair extension. The only style to avoid is curtain bangs if your hair is thick. 

2. Round Shape

Round faces have a similar vertical and horizontal length. Round-faced people mostly have accentuated cheeks. This is why most people with a round face are called “babyfaces.” Younger wig and hairstyles suit these “baby faces” perfectly at any age. Layered hairstyles and clip-in hair extensions are ideal for people with a round face. Short pixie style can be harder to pull off for people with round faces. 


3. Square Shape

A square face has a sharp and broad jawline. People with this face shape need to avoid hairstyles and wigs that add volume to the sides of their faces. Eurasian 10A grade virgin human hair extensions with a layered and voluminous style compliments this face shape the best.

4. Pear Shape

This face shape has a narrow forehead and a wider chin and jawline. Adding volume to the forehead region can prove helpful to offset the wideness of the jawline. 

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