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4 Underrated Advantages of A-Levels Distance Learning

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, students across the globe missed out on two-thirds of a regular academic year. In order to catch up, educational institutes have started leveraging distance learning.

Distance learning for A-levels is quite a polarizing topic. Some students greatly prefer it to physical classes, while others can’t wait to go back to campus. Either way, you just can’t ignore the benefits of A-levels distance learning. Here are some of the most underrated ones!

1.   It’s Lets You Study at Your Own Pace

A lot of students struggle to concentrate in physical classrooms. This is largely because of the fast-paced learning environment of A-levels that many students simply cannot keep up with.

Distance learning resolves this problem to a large extent. It lets you study at your own pace and improves your ability to keep up.

2.   It Helps You Improve Your Technical Skills

87% of the youth in developed nations having access to the internet isn’t enough. They must also have a thorough knowledge of how to use technology in the modern educational landscape. Distance learning with A-levels courses enable students to learn new technical skills and develop existing ones.

3.   It Helps You Improve Your Time Management

Fast track A-levels courses, in particular, can help students improve their time management skills. With no faculty members or administrators forcing you to stick to a schedule, you must learn how to do so by yourself. Through distance learning, students can learn to make their own schedules, stick to them, and avoid procrastinating.

4.   It’s More Accessible to Everyone

One of the biggest challenges of physical learning is accommodating students with learning disabilities or lifestyle challenges. E-learning and online A-level courses are far more accessible to the 7.2% of global students struggling with ADHD and other learning disabilities than in-person classes.

Woman studying on her laptop

Leverage Distance Learning with A-Level Online Courses

Want to make the most of distance learning? Enrol in A-level courses online with the help of Oxford Learning College!

The online learning college offers a range of distance learning online courses that you can access through the website. You can even choose from and enrol in the best online fast track A-level courses. Visit the website for more information.

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