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Vacation Homes or Hotels: What’s Better?

90% of Americans have traveling plans for this season. Are you one of them and have everything set for the vacation season? Yeah, we can feel the excitement too.

But wait, have you planned out your stay yet? If not, give this piece a read before you make a decision.

Vacation homes are going to be the next hottest trend. If you’re confused about whether you should opt for a hotel or a luxurious vacation home, we’ve made a comparison for you to decide accordingly.

Super Spacious Homes

You can easily accommodate your entire family at a vacation home. Whereas, even a suite of a hotel can hardly fit between 6-8 people.

You can have an entire lounge or big rooms for yourself, as compared to a couch in a hotel. Your kids can have an entire room for themselves.

You Get to Cook Your Own Meals

Yeah, we get it that you don’t want to spend lots of bucks on the food three times a day on vacations. What’s better than having a fully equipped kitchen?

You can cook as per your preference and save up a lot! And of course, if you feel like kicking back to relax, you can always go for fine dining.

Lot of Privacy

A pool and BBQ patio all for yourself? What could be better! A lot of vacation homes now offer various amenities like a spa, gym, and private pools. You don’t even have to worry about the housekeeping staff coming in or sharing it with other tourists.

So there’s a lot more privacy, and you can do things at your pace.

They’re Affordable too!

Vacation homes are luxurious yet affordable as compared to hotels. You can save costs by cooking your meal and doing your laundry. Particularly if you have a big family, it can be dreading to think about how much $$ you’ll have to spend booking a hotel room.

It’s a lot more convenient to opt for a vacation home.

If you’ve made up your mind to go for a vacation home in Orlando, look no further. Blue Travel offers various options. You can choose between three-bedroom to nine-bedroom home rentals.

That’s not it – they also offer various amenities like a spa,  gym, BBQ patio, and a fully equipped kitchen. Their vacation home is located only a few miles away from the top tourist attractions in Orlando, so that’s a cherry on top.

Contact them to book your vacation home. Happy vacay-ing!


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