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5 Top Selected Online A-Level Courses Right Now

Has the grade inflation of A-levels 2021 got you all geared up to start your own A-levels journey? The first step is choosing your courses — but where to start?

Many students struggle to choose A-level courses they actually enjoy. Research has suggested that around 28% of a sample of 1000 UK students regret choosing their courses, and 41% wish they’d given it more thought.

To help you make the right choices, here’s a list of the top-selected online A-level courses in 2021.

1.   Mathematics

If you’d like to know what one of the most far-reaching A-levels courses is, then mathematics would be an easy answer. The course is a very popular choice among A-levels students across the world. It serves as a pre-requisite for many more complex courses that students opt for in university.

2.   Biology

Biology as an A-level online course is a popular choice among many students around the world. It’s not just limited to aspiring medical students, either. Many of the highest scoring A-levels students selected biology as a course due to its huge practical and real-life implications.

3.   Chemistry

A-levels chemistry is a little complex, but that’s what makes it a highly valuable course to have on your certificate. It’s a popular choice among those who wish to pursue a degree, and eventually a career, in the chemical and laboratory sciences.

4.   History

If you’re planning on going the social sciences route in university, then history is a subject you must take. Not only does it build a solid foundation for your understanding of social sciences, but it also serves as your introduction to many of the educational bases you’ll cover in your related degree later on.

5.   Psychology

Psychology is also among the top-selected online A-levels courses in 2021. It has wide applications in today’s social climate. The worldwide focus on psychology has massively increased in recent years — making it a popular career choice for young adults as well.

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Enrol In A-Levels Courses Online

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