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Post-Pandemic World: Should You Re-evaluate Your A-Levels Course Selection?

There is barely any aspect of human life that remained unchanged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Your academic career is no exception!

Students around the globe greatly suffered at the hands of the pandemic. Distance learning and lack of motivation aside — a growing concern for A-levels students now is what they’re learning. Despite results reaching all-time highs, many students are beginning to worry about the relevance of the subjects they’ve chosen.

In a post-pandemic world, will your academic credentials stay relevant? Or is it time to re-evaluate them? Let’s discuss.

Which Courses May Increase In Demand?

The pandemic exposed which fields of work actually uphold the fabric of society and which are entirely unnecessary. The term “essential” has been thrown around a lot recently, but it is something that students will be keeping in mind when choosing their A-level courses.

Academics suggest that worldwide focus on technical education andarts and humanities will increase. So, courses related to medical science, social work, technology, and business are likely to increase in scope.

Which Courses May Become Obsolete?

It’s hard to say that the pandemic could render entire industries obsolete, but there are certain fields that became less sought-after as a result of it.

A-levels online courses taken in aspiration to careers like hospitality, air travel, commercial construction, and administrative support are likely to become obsolete in the coming years. This is not only due to the non-essential quality of these industries, but also due to their easy replacement by emerging technology.

Should You Re-evaluate Your Courses?

If your A-levels courses are likely to lead to a career that has foreseeable growth, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if your courses are only sought-after in industries facing the threat of extinction in the near future, then it may be time to re-evaluate your choices.

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