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Many threads in a store for sewing purposes to help people sew their clothes and fabrics

3 Basic Stitching Techniques Everyone Should Know

Hand-stitching is an essential skill everyone should have. You can easily buy cotton yarn online and take online knitting classes for beginners to get started.

Let’s get into the list of stitching techniques everyone should know.

1. The Whip Stitch

The whip stitch is one of the most famous stitches in the sewing world. Shorter and diagonal stitches are characteristic of the whip stitch technique. To accomplish this stitch, pull the threaded needle through the uppermost fabric, keeping the knot in the middle of the two fabrics you’re working with.

Once you’re done, pierce the lower fabric from the same area you started with. In this way, you’ll lock the starting and ending points together.

When you pierce the threaded needle through the bottom fabric, you’ll have created a diagonal stitch. Remember that your needle must exit the top fabric.

2. The Catch Stitch

A sewing machine is stitching a fabric using a thread

You can easily identify a catch stitch by seeing a consistent crisscrossed stitch pattern. It’s a great technique because it allows greater freedom of movement. Not only is it ideal for fabrics that face frontward, but it’s also a good solution for tablecloths and other circular materials and fabrics.

3. The Running Stitch

This is yet another fundamental stitching technique. You can conveniently complete this stitch using your hands or by using a sewing machine. By sewing with a machine, you can make sure the stitch is firm and highly precise. Additionally, you can sew the spots that are harder to reach by hand.

The important thing to note regarding running stitches is to ensure you’ve locked your stitches completely once you’re finished.

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