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Is Organic Food Really Worth the Money?

Even though organic food is better for your overall health and is packed with more minerals and nutrients, organic food is a bit more expensive than traditionally farmed food. For many households, the decision to not buy organic comes down to the price difference.

While everyone knows buying natural is the healthier option, not everyone understands the level to which it is the better option. Here are reasons why we think that organic food is worth the expense.

Why Is It Advantageous?

Fruits and vegetables produced organically have more minerals. They are not laden with harmful insecticides and pesticides either. Switching from conventional to organic milk will enhance your omega 3 fatty acids consumption and can make a substantial difference in overall health. When you eat organic foods, you get more nutritional value and it also reduces the number of toxins that enter your body.

More Fats That Are Good For You

Natural meat and milk can contain up to 50 percent more omega-3 fatty acids, a form of good unsaturated fat, than conventionally produced items. Dairy produce had less dietary fat than non-organic milk in the research.

These changes may be due to the way organic cattle are raised, including a plant diet and more hours spent outside. Researchers think the moving from standard to organic food will increase omega-3 consumption while significantly reducing caloric and fat intake.

Antibiotics and Synthetic Hormones Are Not Used

Medicines are often be given to mass-produced livestock to prevent diseases. This makes it much easier for producers to breed livestock in overcrowded or unclean areas. Although FDA restricted the use of such antibiotics in animals early in the year, there are still gaps in the enforcement of the law. Mass-bred animals can be treated with artificial growth factors to help them gain fat or give extra lactate.

Once these hormones enter the human body, they are extremely harmful. The entire equilibrium can be thrown off, making people more vulnerable to hormonal shifts and weight gain. You should strive to avoid meat and milk from animals that have been given hormones to improve their lactation.

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