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4 Stunning Lampwork Bead Accessories to Buy On Black Friday 2021

Did you know that glass beads have been used in jewelry for nearly 35 centuries?

It may be shocking to you, but early humans were manufacturing glass into little beads as early as the 14th century! The fascination with shiny and colorful beads has always been prevalent in cultures around the world.

When the French started engaging in lampworking in the 19th century, a new type of bead was invented: the lampwork bead. Today, you can find so many varieties of lampwork bead accessories online. Here are some of the best ones to splurge on during this year’s Black Friday!

1. Lampwork Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets will never go out of fashion. Be it gemstone beads, bone beads, or lampwork beads — handmade beaded bracelets are an incredible and timeless accessory. You can wear handmade lampwork bead bracelets on a daily basis, too. They’re subtle but colorful enough to make a statement.

2. Lampwork Bead Earrings

If you’re into vintage-style earrings, then chances are you like to wear beaded earrings. Thanks to the single pearl earring trend inspired by the iconic 17th century painting, bead earrings have remained in style throughout the years. You can explore hundreds of options for lampwork bead earrings online.

3. Lampwork Bead Charms

Do you like adding funky charms to your handbag zippers, phone cases, or bracelets? If so, then lampwork bead charms are perfect for you. These charms would make the cutest little additions to your belongings and add an extra pop of color. There are so many options you can explore online!

4. Lampwork Fan Pulls

If you aren’t looking to buy handmade jewelry, then another option is for you to get your hands on some lampwork fan pulls. Handmade lampwork beads used in fan pulls add a vintage touch to the eccentric accessory. You can choose from different colors, styles, lengths, and even bead shapes like hearts or butterflies!

Buy Stunning Handmade Lampwork Beads Online

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The online shop sells a variety of beautiful handmade gifts and products like handmade jewelry, handmade lampwork beads, custom anklets, fan pulls, and more. You can explore the store’s collections and buy unique accessories at great prices.

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