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4 Symptoms of Male Breast Cancer

On average, 5200 people are diagnosed daily with breast cancer, resulting in 1670 deaths. Rare as it is among men, it has a mortality rate of 20% in guys. It’s most common among older men, but it can occur at any age.

Early detection and prompt treatment can help you get rid of the ailment. For that, you must keep a close check for signs that indicate a developing problem, and you must know when to visit the doctor.

Here are a few signs to watch out for.

Lumps Near the Areola

You’ll often find lumpiness near the nipple that you think might be a result of an injury or scratching too hard. You might be right in the majority of the case, but it’s best to get it checked by a doctor.

Lumps that might lead to cancer are no different than the ones caused by an injury. Therefore, you can’t identify the reason by just having a look at it. Professional examination is needed to ensure it isn’t something to be worried about.

Nipple Discharge

Discharge from the nipples, be it bloody, clear, cloudy, or green, is a sign you must not ignore or take lightly. It is the most obvious sign of male breast cancer.

Therefore, if you experience any fluid oozing out of your nipples, you must immediately visit a health expert near you to get yourself checked properly.

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Altered Nipple

A very subtle sign to look out for in men for breast cancer is altered nipples. Your nipple takes a fatter appearance or starts moving inwards.

Even if it’s the slightest change in your nipple shape, you must immediately consult a doctor as breast cancer is becoming increasingly prevalent among men.

Swelling Of Your Lymph Nodes

A symptom of cancer that appears much later in men is the swelling of your lymph nodes. Areas under your collarbone, arms, and sternum might begin to swell as cancer starts to metastasize.

However, the swelling isn’t just caused by cancer. There can be other explanations for the lump too. Hence, it’s always best to get a thorough examination to be on the safer side.

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If you experience any of these symptoms, visit Tavicare immediately. They diagnose and treat breast cancer in men with nutrition counseling and IV therapy. They help turn around the prognosis.

They also offer multiple other therapies like hormone, menopausal, peptide, detoxification therapy, and many more in Potomac, Rockville, Northern Virginia, Bethesda, and Washington DC.

Contact them to find out whether you’re at risk of cancer.


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