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How Can You Improve Your CSA Scores?

Compliance, Safety, and Accountability, or CSA, is a program devised by federal and state governments to ensure that your trucking business complies with all the safety and reliability regulations. The lower the CSA score, the better, which means you don’t need a visit from the DOT officials!

Drivers and trucking companies try their best to keep their scores as low as possible. A low CSA score is crucial in lowering your liability and ensuring your customers and relevant stakeholders that your business prioritizes safety.

Here are some tips that can help you improve your CSA scores.

ELDs Are Key!

Your electronic logging devices are key in improving your CSA scores. Drivers can keep track of their service hours and receive timely information if they’re near their limit. Roadside inspectors check for out-of-service vehicles and drivers who have exceeded their limit. Therefore, an ELD is your perfect companion as it can notify you of your driving limit and help you prevent a driving violation that’ll drive up your CSA score.

Furthermore, roadside inspectors also check for outdated logs, as they also constitute a driving violation. Forget the manual logging option, and switch to ELD to streamline the whole logging process and ensure that everything is up to date. An outdated log violation carries 5 points, and they can rack up pretty quickly if you don’t switch to an ELD.

Inspect Vehicle Before Trip

Vehicle maintenance violations are common types of violations that can have a huge impact on your CSA scores. Therefore, it is important to conduct a pre-trip inspection. A robust pre-trip service and inspection mechanism can help you avoid violations that make a big dent in your CSA score. Focus on the lights and tires as they’re some of the common areas where violations can occur.

Hire Good Drivers

One of the best ways to ensure compliance to safety and reliability is to hire good drivers! Look for employees that adhere to the rules and regulations. When hiring, check their FMCSA CSA scores and always look for experienced drivers who will represent your business well during a trip.

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Keeping track of your CSA scores and maintaining driver qualification files can be quite stressful. Furthermore, it can be hard to keep track of all the rules and regulations regarding safety. In such instances, many fleet management and trucking companies turn to a DOT compliance consultant to help them with their trucking compliance needs. Compliance Service Bureau is one of the best trucking compliance companies to help you with all your needs.

They can help you with DOT filings, MC numbers, driver qualification files, drugs and alcohol testing, and more. Visit their website for more information and contact them for all your DOT needs.


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