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A student working on their essay

4 Qualities That Make a Good Essay

A student working on their essay

People often wonder what is good writing. There is no universal formula that applies to all types of writings. However, certain qualities are common among these examples of good writing.

An essay is a type of writing that allows students to express their thoughts on different topics and subjects. They back up their reasoning with facts and logical explanations, but the writer’s opinion is most important. It develops their critical thinking and creative writing skills.

Let’s take a closer look at these qualities.

Clear and Concise

When creativity flows, it’s easy to get lost in thought and write numerous words, but keep in mind that these extra pages don’t add to your creativity. The first quality of a good essay is that it’s short and revolves around the given topic.

You need to express your opinions clearly and concisely, without drifting away from the topic that’s given to you. Each paragraph of the essay should have a main point or a topic sentence. This reflects that your essay is flowing around a central, single, and clear idea.

Always focus on quality over quantity. Instead of filling pages with words that make no sense, try to stick around the topic and build your arguments around it.


In essay writing, the unity of paragraphs is crucial. Each paragraph must have a connection, so the main points are described in a smooth flow.

Your essay should be organized in a logical flow so that the whole paper makes sense to the readers.


An essay must be free of any grammatical and spelling errors. It should be composed using correct language requirements, with error-free, complete sentences.

The correctness of your essay reflects your abilities as a writer. No matter how good the ideas and opinions expressed in your essay are, silly mistakes like spelling and grammatical errors can ruin your hard work.

A student writing her essay outside on a park bench


Another important quality that made it to the list is creativity. The best writing carries some of the most creative ideas and thoughts. It should reflect the individuality and personality of the writer. Every writer needs a touch of creativity in their essay to make their work their own.

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