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Taking MCAT Score Myths to Task

Like it or not, MCAT scores play a primary role in your medical career, and not just in getting admission to a reputable medical school.

Anyone planning to pursue a career in medicine knows that medical tests are notoriously difficult. You need to dedicate months to preparation if you want to acquire a decent score on these tests.

Several myths surround MCAT scores. Since these scores are really important for medical students, this article will bust the top misconceptions about the MCAT scores.


Myth #1: MCAT Exams Are Graded on a Curve

The MCAT exam is a standardized test, but that doesn’t mean every one of them is identical. The test timing and the test itself are different for everyone. There’s no curve associated with a medical test.

Examination authorities prepare several different test forms for a single testing year. Although the basic concepts and skills examined in all the tests are the same, each test is different from the rest.


Myth #2: You Can Convert Current MCAT Scores to The Previous Score Scale

Understandably, many people want to convert their MCAT scores to the old score scale. It’s, however, important to note here that the new MCAT exam is entirely different from the previous one, and hence, the new scores carry a different meaning.

The new MCAT exam was implemented in April 2015, while the previous one had been in place since 1991! During these years, several advancements have occurred in medical research, scientific knowledge, and technology.

Medical education has transformed since then, and MCAT exams have evolved to meet the current needs of the medical world.


Myth #3: You need a High MCAT Score to Get Admission to a Medical School

While your MCAT score plays a major role in helping you get admitted to a medical college, you should always remember it’s not the only thing considered by an admission officer. In addition to your MCAT score, they also consider numerous other factors—such as your co-curricular activities, attributes, academic transcripts, and demographics.

Every medical college has different criteria for reviewing students’ applications, depending on their institutional goals and mission.


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