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Everything You Need To Know About Herbal Treatment of Depression

Many people are using herbal remedies to counter their surging depression levels. So it is worth knowing how effective they are in the treatment of depression. The growing cases of mental health problems and severe side effects of medications are crucial factors for the rise of herbal treatment of depression.

Several herbs, such as those obtained from olive tree extracts, are scientifically proven to provide excellent results against mental health issues. Herbal treatment for depression is currently receiving increased attention.

Here’s how different types of herbal treatment are effective in countering depression:

Flowering Shrub

The herb Hypericum perforatum, popularly known as St John’s wort, is a flowering shrub scientifically proven to curb mild to moderate depression.

The active working ingredients of this herb are hypericin and hyperforin. These chemicals perform antidepressive activities inside the brain by inhibiting the re-uptake of serotonin, which is an essential hormone for stabilizing mood and alleviating depression.

One of the significant reasons St John’s wort is preferable to medicines is the relatively minor adverse effects of the herbal treatment. However, it is crucial to use no other medication during the herbal treatment of St John’s wort to avoid the triggering of severe side effects.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin oil is one of the main constituents of a Mediterranean diet given to patients suffering from mental health disorders, such as depression. Improvements in depression symptoms, lower number of depression cycles, and better life quality are significant outcomes of incorporating extra-virgin olive oil herb in the Mediterranean diet.

Olive oil extracts also reduce anxiety levels and increase the production of serotonin in our bodies to stabilize mood swings and nourish the mind to develop positive feelings. However, it is vital to find reliable brands to buy original olive oil herbal extracts.


Also known as Rhodiola Rosea, this herb brings a multitude of health benefits. Rhodiola reduces the depressive symptoms and produces an improved response against negative thoughts and anxiety.

The herb brings an antidepressive response by enhancing nerve cell communication. It also helps prevent over-activity in various vital parts of the brain, such as the hypothalamus, regulating your body’s stress response.

Rhodiola also improves mood by minimizing anxiety and depression symptoms without any side effects.

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