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Effective Tools And Strategies For Visualizing Health Data

Data visualization is the process that converts and analyzes raw and large data sets and presents the results visually. Data visualization is widely used in the healthcare sector and has several benefits.

Some advantages of visualizing health data include better care coordination, a deeper understanding of otherwise complicated data, educating patients about their health condition, and much more.

Keep reading this article to learn some effective tools and strategies that are commonly used by healthcare practitioners to visualize health data.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used tools used in the healthcare sector to visualize various types of data streams. A Google Analytics dashboard turns data from a website or a web app into simple and interactive tables and charts.

This tool can help healthcare professionals know how the patients are interacting on their website, and you can also make some tweaks according to the results.


A well-known software, tableau, can help patients and doctors explore data through creative and interactive visuals. The best thing about this software is that it can be used in combination with nearly every database.

Tableau is also very easy to use and allows the user to create engaging and uncomplicated visuals in the desired format just by simple dragging and dropping. There are also multiple complexities of visuals available depending on the data.

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Several medical findings and data involve the use of two or more variables which can be difficult to understand for even the most experienced healthcare professionals.

Such data can be easily visualized with the use of CoPlot.It’s one of the best options to visualize multivariate healthcare data.

This tool is an adaption of MDS (multidimensional scaling) but addresses all issues and limitations of MDS, including the axes on the MDS map having no fundamental meaning and the fact that MDS doesn’t allow visualization for both variables and observations at the same time.

Contact The IHBR Center To Learn Patient-Doctor Communication Techniques

Data visualization is an important part of the healthcare sector but can be hard to understand and interpret. If you want to learn more about data visualization in healthcare, reach out to The IHBR Center.

It’s a leading avenue that promotes the idea of facilitating patient-doctor communication. It’s a platform for patients and doctors to access a wide range of online medical books related to communication skills in clinical practice and doctors’ training.

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