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Helpful Tips for Hiring Qualified Drivers for Your Trucking Business

There is a growing truck driver shortage problem in the country’s trucking industry. It is hard to find reliable and qualified drivers who can help elevate your business to new heights. According to the American Truck Association, the trucking industry is experiencing great demand for qualified drivers. It is estimated that there will be a need for around 900,000 drivers in the next decade.

Apart from the shortage, companies are also experiencing a retention problem as many drivers leave to seek new pastures. It is crucial to have a suitable recruitment model, so your business doesn’t suffer from the driver shortage. Get the help of a trucking compliance consultant who can help you hire drivers and stay FMCSA compliant at the same time. Here are some helpful tips for hiring qualified drivers for your business.

Search For Drivers with Same Values

Your employees need to be aligned with your company goals. Therefore, it is crucial to search for drivers who fit your needs and goals. However, the first step is to define the goals and qualities you look for in a driver.

Profile your existing drivers who are happy to stick around with your business. Observe their personality traits, work ethic, and other characteristics. After determining such things, create a list of these character traits and look for candidates that fit a similar profile. You need a driver whom you can trust. Trucking is much more than getting behind the wheel. Your business reputation is at stake, and you need someone who upholds and respects your company’s values.

Have A Good Compensation Structure

You’d need to give the top dollar to hire the best drivers in the business. Many employees leave their existing companies due to low pay. So, to avoid such instances within your business, you need to have a robust salary structure that entices drivers to work with you. Furthermore, you won’t find retention an issue if you offer reasonable packages to your drivers. Find out the industry pay scale, and pay close attention to what your rivals are paying. Offer a good package that is in line with industry standards.

Have Non-Monetary Benefits

Even though money may be the main motivating factor for your truck drivers, don’t forget to include non-monetary benefits in your compensation structure.

Have regular team bonding sessions, lunches, or other outdoor activities that create a healthy working environment. Formally recognize top performers in your company and incentivize them with non-monetary awards.

This will galvanize the other drivers in your company to perform well. Highlight such practices during your recruitment process. However, say true to your word and don’t try to exaggerate. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a retention issue.

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Searching and hiring qualified drivers can be difficult. On top of that, you need to maintain their driver qualification files to stay compliant with relevant rules. Enlist the help of a DOT compliance company such as Compliance Service Bureau, which can help you with your DQF maintenance.

They are one of the best DOT compliance consultants who can help you with your trucking compliance needs. They can help you with DOT filings, MC numbers, drugs and alcohol testing, and more. Visit their website for more information and contact them for all your DOT needs.


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