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Important Gun Safety Rules


The right to bear arms comes with great responsibility. This is why gun safety is of paramount importance. It is the practice of being aware of potential dangers when handling a firearm. Here are 4-gun safety rules that every gun enthusiast, gun dealer, gun collector, gun manufacturer, or gun salesperson, should know by heart.

Treat Guns as if They Are Always Loaded

Treating all guns as if they are loaded can help you to become a more responsible gun owner. By doing this, gun owners become more subconsciously wired to be more careful around firearms. One should never assume that the gun is unloaded as this could lead to devastating consequences. Just recently famous Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin was supposedly handed an unloaded gun that led to a tragic shooting accident that left one person dead and another critically injured.

Keep Your Finger off the Trigger

Trigger finger discipline is something you need to learn. When you are trigger finger disciplined, it means that you are only going to fire when you have consciously made the decision to do so and thus you move your finger from the indexed position to the trigger. If your finger is always on the trigger, it’s too easy to accidentally fire before you’re ready. Trigger finger discipline comes with proper training. 

People must learn the right way to use a firearm and how to correctly hold and shoot them. If you fail to get the right training, then there are chances that you might injure yourself or someone else.

Store Them Properly

It is really important to store your guns safely and securely and keep them away from your children and also from other individuals that you don’t trust. If you have kids in your home, it is not a good idea to keep the gun unsecured and in an open space. A good idea to store guns is through gun safes.

Gun safes have been around for centuries and have been used to protect weapons from unauthorized individuals. Gun safes can also help deter burglars from stealing your guns. You may be also required by law to lock them up. 

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Bear Arms Responsibly

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