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How to Sneak More Exercise into Your Day

Regular exercise is critical for human health. Consistent physical activity improves your wellbeing, faster than any other activity. However, it takes a lot of motivation and dedication, especially if you’re a habitual procrastinator or have a really hectic work schedule. If you’re considering accumulating exercise in your regular healthcare regimen, but don’t know how to begin, you’re at the right place.

Importance of Exercise

Take the Stairs

Don’t have time for exercise? The bare minimum you can do is to use the stairs instead of the elevator. Doing this won’t only help you save time wasted on waiting for an elevator but also help you get some cardio in. And, if possible, try not to just walk up the stairs. Instead, work on your speed or take two steps at a time so you can work up a sweat!

Set Realistic Goals

Once you decide to sneak in some exercise in your life, you’ll need a plan that entails achievable goals and steps.

Start with a simple plan and build it on as you continue to achieve your initial targets. If for instance, you want to run 5 kilometers daily, you can start with a shorter run.

 A person running on the roadside

Find Your Fitness Partner

Exercise needs motivation, and undeniably no one can uplift your motivation level, better than a friend. You’re less self-conscious in front of your friends and hence, try planning exercise dates with your friends.

You can even get a friend involved in your fitness regimen if your friend is miles apart! Share pictures from the sidewalk, or jogging trail and share your exercise experiences with your friend.

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