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Tie-Dyed Tops with Rainbow Patterns Lying in a Crumpled Heap

A Beginner’s Guide to Tie-Dyeing Fabric

Tie-dyeing is undergoing a bit of a pandemic revival. The activity allows you to play around with color, technique, saturation, and pattern. It’s fun to do and rewarding to boot, saving you a ton on store-bought clothes. If you’re a first-timer, follow these steps for a great tie and dye experience.

Prepare Your Dye

Before touching anything, make sure you have your gloves and facemask on. Breathing in the dye powder won’t do you any favors.

Then follow these instructions.

  • Presoak your natural fabric for at least 15 minutes in a solution containing one cup of soda ash and two gallons of water.
  • Take an empty spray bottle and add two teaspoons of powder dye and one tablespoon of urea for each cup of water.
  • Follow this drill for all your dyes.
  • Keep the jars of dye closed while they’re not in use.
  • Shake the spray bottle until the dye is fully saturated.

Time to Color!

Be sure to use the prepared dyes within 30 minutes of mixing them for maximum results, and follow these steps.

  • Rinse off the soda ash solution from the fabric by immersing it in warm water.
  • Squeeze out all excess water.
  • Fold and tie the fabric according to your chosen technique, and lay it on a covered surface.
  • Spritz the dye on every visible surface and make sure it soaks through the fabric by squeezing the application area.
  • Do the above on both sides.
  • Seal in a Ziploc bag for 12 to 24 hours.

A Woman Wearing a Black and Blue Tie-Dyed Shirt and Jeans, and Holding Up a Yellow Flower

Wash, Dry, and Voila!

Once enough time has elapsed, cut the rubber bands carefully to avoid damaging the damp fabric and follow these steps.

  • Rinse the fabric under tap water; first cold and then warm until the water runs clear.
  • Once you’ve rinsed out all the excess dye, pop it in the washer.
  • Dry separately during the first couple of cycles.

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