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Tips to Prepare for Your ACT and SAT Tests

Tips to Prepare for Your ACT and SAT Tests

About 2.2 million students internationally prepared and appeared for the SATs in 2020. However, the number is only expected to increase every year.

SAT and ACT are an important part of every student’s application process to increase the likeliness of getting accepted into their favorite university. The only way to make the scores work in their favor is through fool-proof preparation.

Here are six tips to help you prepare for your ACT and SAT better:

1. Get Familiar with Details

Before you even begin studying, you must get familiar with the instructions, test structure, grading criteria, and any other questions you might have. There are detailed instructions available for SAT and ACT online.

2. Practice to Score High

While studying for the test is essential, many students lose scores because they don’t practice enough. While you might have all the information needed, giving the actual test is different as you must understand each question well before answering.

Practice allows you to perform test runs before the final day to understand how things work.

3. Read More

While there is a plethora of online material to read, you can also find many books and full practice test sets to help you study through the year.

4. Tutoring

Dedicating time every day to study consistently can seem difficult when you’re doing it on your own. Tutoring allows you to study in a group, increasing motivation and dedication with the help of peers and teachers.

Plus, your teacher can answer any questions you may have, strengthening your concepts.

5. Work Your Memory

SAT exams are a little different from the ACT, as the former comes with a list of formulas at the front of each math section. This means it might not be important for you to know all the math concepts and formulas. However, when you practice enough, you should know them.

Working based on your memory will allow you to save time during the final test.

6. Work on your Vocab

Apart from having a firm grip on the English language, you should also have a profound vocabulary. Challenge yourself by reading some tough books and articles. If you come across interesting words, read about them and try using them in your daily routine. This can help you secure a good score.

Ready to Study?

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