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5 Brilliant Chrome Chameleon Pigments by Woode’s Goodies

Chameleon powder reflects a different color depending on your vantage point and the object’s angle. This color-shifting ability comes from its composition: transparent flakes coated with a layer of Titanium Dioxide.

Here are some of the best chameleon pigments brought to you by Woode’s Goodies.

1. Back to the Future

Back to the Future is a green/blue pigment that transfers perfectly on sticky black-painted epoxy surfaces. Dip a makeup blender into this magic powder and start dabbing it across a freshly painted surface.

This pigment is also skin-friendly, so you can apply it as makeup, but only after slathering on some lotion or primer.

2. Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal is a purple/yellow pigment with a techno-vibe going on. It’s almost similar to the previous pigment in terms of applications. The only thing that’s different about it is the color, and that truly makes all the difference.

Dab it on with a makeup blender on black spray-painted surfaces for the best results, or apply it as makeup on a primed face.


3. Gremlins

The sheer range of Gremlins makes it the best pigment on this list. At times, green, red, orange, and blue, it well and truly gives actual chameleons a run for their pigmentation.

As with the other pigments discussed so far, you don’t require a special technique with Gremlins. Just make sure to keep the application light and spread out for the sake of consistency.

4. I Will Survive

I Will Survive is the stuff that dreams are made of. Giving off hints of green, teal, and blue, you’ll have a hard time finding anything wrong with this gorgeous chameleon.

Like the above, this pigment works best on a black background. Although you can’t use it as a cosmetic, you can make mix it with black mica to make soap and engage in arts and crafts like:

  • Glass painting
  • Scrapbooking
  • Candle making
  • Clay painting
  • Embossing
  • Furniture

5. Weird Science

Since Weird Science is a blue/red pigment, you’ll also get hints of purple; that is, if you squint. Like most micas on this list, you can use this pigment as makeup as long as you prime your face beforehand.

As with all of the above, you should apply this powder with a blender on a tacky black background for best results.

So, head over to Woode’s Goodies to add the above Chromashift pigment powders to the cart. Explore more of their affordable art supplies while you’re there. Buy mica products online and have them all shipped for free within the US.

Send them an email for queries and concerns.


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