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Why is Getting Forklift Training an Ideal Career Move?

Whether you’re someone who wants to pursue a career as a forklift operator or looking for a career growth opportunity in this field, there’s one thing you cannot miss.

Forklift training certifications.

As important as it is to understand all about forklift manoeuvrability and maintenance in practice, employers look for operators with training certifications. They look for forklift managers and operators who are trained by qualified and accredited companies such as RS Forklift Training in Birmingham.

If you’re still unsure about the importance of forklift training, here’s a statistic to set the fact straight:

In the UK, one hundred forklift operators lose their lives or a vital body part in forklift accidents yearly. And most of these mishaps are caused due to ineffective operational training and safety education.

Forklift safety training can help you save human lives and also enjoy additional benefits, such as:

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Ensures Better Pay

Every employee looks for job opportunities that pay according to their skills and efforts. However, it’s not always easy to secure your dream job. At RS Forklift Training in Birmingham, expert trainers are devoted to helping aspiring forklift operators in getting employed.

The company’s RTITB accredited instructor team doesn’t just want you to sack the opportunity, but also ensure smooth career and pay progression. So whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned forklift expert, take some time out to complete forklift training certifications to escalate your chances of getting promoted in the next quarter!

Gives You Deeper Insight

Forklift training isn’t only about learning forklift controls and manoeuvres. It’s also about ensuring top-notch workplace safety and employee wellbeing. By receiving quality forklift training services at RS Forklift Training, you will also enjoy onsite safety training. This will directly translate into a better knowledge of operating forklifts.

At RS Forklift Training, operators learn about hardware maintenance, floor safety, speed and efficiency optimization, and material handling best practices. The company’s trainers assist students in diversifying their existing skillsets and understanding rapid tech advancements in the market.

RS Forklift Training Offers Fully RTITB Accredited Forklift Training Courses in Birmingham

Whether you’re looking to get certified as a professional forklift trainer or get your employees trained on forklift operation and safety, get in touch with RS Forklift Training right away.

The forklift training institute offers excellent beginner, novice, and expert level forklift training courses with an option of weekend and weekday morning or afternoon classes.

Learn more about the best forklift trainers and courses in Birmingham, or book now!



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