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How to Thrive During the Exam Rush

How to Thrive During the Exam Rush

It’s soon going to be exam season, which means it’s time to start prepping. However, as simple as it might sound, exam stress is real. Two-thirds of students experience excessive exam stress, which takes a toll on their academic performance.

With stressors constantly getting you worried, focusing on studying becomes extremely challenging, resulting in more stress. This endless cycle can be extremely harmful to students and might ultimately result in exam phobia.

Therefore, we have created this guide to help you manage your time during exam season.

Make a Plan

It’s always best to start with a plan first. When you have made calculations beforehand, you know exactly how much time you have at hand and how many courses you have to cover.

Make a timetable and map out your workload in terms of priority; prioritize difficult things so that you have lesser things to worry about later on.

Study Groups

Never undermine the importance of study groups. Even if you’re the best student ever who takes notes every second of the class, even a one-minute break can result in the loss of important information.

With group studies, when everyone exchanges note with one another, you learn things that you might not have known before. Plus, you can get clarification on subjects that you might be confused about.

Get Rid of Distractions

Phones and iPads can be a great source of distraction. One message will lead to a quick swipe, and soon you’ll spend hours scrolling through Instagram. The best thing to do is eliminate your distractions.

Turn off your devices when you sit down to study and dedicate a desk or table where you can truly focus. Avoid comfortable spots such as beds or sofas as it can get you “too” comfortable and make you feel drowsy.

Take Care of Yourself

Your job is to give in your 100 percent and leave the rest for time to decide. Stressing over how the exam will turn out can only further complicate things. Give yourself well-deserved breaks when you get stuck at one point for a long time.

Remember: Over-exertion will get you nowhere.

Roll Through The Exam Season with Confidence

Exam season is supposed to help you challenge yourself to bring out the best in you. If it’s overwhelming you or stressing you beyond control, it’s best to ask for help.

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